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February 29,2023

Autopsy Shows Missing UoN Lecturer Died by Strangulation.

The daily covered the mysterious death of Samuel Mbutu, a University of Nairobi political science lecturer who was reported missing earlier this month.

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February 26,2023

Nairobi Man Becomes a Millionaire After Winning Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Bonus

A man in Nairobi named Peter-Kiboi is the latest SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonus winner after clinching a staggering KSh 5.4 million.

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February 2,2023

Raila Odingas Bid for AU Top Seat in Limbo New Rules that Might Lock Him out

Former prime ministers fate now lies in the heads of state and governments who will have the final say on the proposed changes.

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Backend Engineer

Embarambamba, William Getumbes Songs to Be Pulled Down,

He announced that Embarambamba and Getumbe may face suspension from MCSK for five years and expulsion if they repeat such offences.

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